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Plan of Conservation and Development - Implementation Summary (2021 – 2031)
Economic Development
Facilities & Services
Transportation & Infrastructure
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Economic Development
Foster a vibrant economy that provides residents with access to goods, services, and employment opportunities while diversifying the Town’s property tax base.
Strategies & Actions Lead Organization Partner Organizations Priority Level
1 Collaborate with the local business community to ensure that the Town is responsive to the needs of the business community.      
1.1 Continue First Selectman's Business and Industry FBIC committee regular meetings. FSO FBIC Medium
1.2 Consider transition of the temporary Economic Recovery position into a permanent position. FSO TC, BOF, EDC High
2 Continue to develop informational materials and promotional materials designed to attract new businesses to Monroe.      
2.1 The Economic Development Commission should work with the Monroe Chamber of Commerce and the Connecticut Department of Economic Development (DECD) to develop informational and marketing materials relevant to conducting and establishing a business in Monroe. EDC COC, DECD Low
2.2 Actively promote Monroe and specific available properties as a desirable home for cultural institutions and entertainment venues. EDC COC High
3 Take actions that are necessary, as feasible, to reduce the amount of time it takes for a permit to be issued.      
3.1 The Economic Development Commission should work with the Planning and Zoning Department and Building & Inspection Department to provide step-by-step guidance documents and online instruction that assists new businesses and applicants in navigating the permitting and licensing process. EDC PZD, BID High
3.2 The Planning and Zoning and Inland Wetland Departments and Commissions should continue to allow for elements of applications such as site plans to be reviewed administratively rather than referring to the Commissions and review the regulations and administrative practices to identify other types of review that could be handled administratively rather than by referral to the Commissions, providing they are briefed on pending and approved applications. PZD, IWD PZC, IWC High
3.3 The Planning and Zoning, Inland Wetlands, and Building Departments should continue to review permitting process and complete their move towards online processing of permits so as to ensure that permits are processed in an efficient and timely manner. PZD, IWD, BID   High
4 Review the Town's zoning regulations and revise as needed to be more supportive of emerging business practices, "green businesses" and small-scale businesses and home-based businesses.      
4.1 The Planning and Zoning Commission should continue to collaborate with the Economic Development Commission to review the Town's commercial and industrial zone standards and identify zoning amendments that may be needed to adequately support emerging business types and land uses, and to eliminate requirements that are determined unnecessary and inhibit the Town's ability to act quickly to provide approvals of desirable developments. PZC EDC, PZD Medium
4.2 The Planning and Zoning Department should review zoning permit requirements to ensure that permits adequately accommodate new and emerging businesses and business practices. PZD   Low
5 Review the Town's practices with respect to optional tax programs and make such modifications as are appropriate to support the goals of the Plan.      
5.1 The First Selectman, Town Council, and Board of Finance should review the Town's policies and practices with respect to optional tax programs such as commercial tax abatements and make such modifications as are appropriate to encourage economic development and support the goals of the Plan. FSO, TC, BOF   Medium
6 Review the Town's zoning regulations and make appropriate amendments to incentivize investment and development that revitalizes properties and provides a civic amenity or benefit.      
6.1 The Planning and Zoning Commission should consider providing additional zoning tools and incentives to encourage reinvestment in, and transformation of, the Town's many aging shopping plazas and vacant tenant spaces. PZC PZD Medium
7 Remain proactive in facilitating a productive reuse of the former Stevenson Lumber and Pepper Street Industrial Park sites to ensure futures uses that are economically beneficial to the Town and compatible with the surrounding area.      
7.1 The Town should establish a committee or task force to conduct planning directed towards developing strategic plans for these areas. FSO PZD High
7.2 The Planning and Zoning Commission should consider establishing a Special Development District that could be applied to these sites, or other redevelopment sites that would increase the flexibility of development proposals to respond to market, physical, and environmental conditions that are unique to each site. PZC PZD Medium
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